TAP Series worked closely with the food industry and instructional design experts to develop the Allergen Friendly courses that ensure your employees understand and retain key training concepts.

Allergen Plan Development Course

With the Allergen Plan Development Course, the answers to the questions about "ask your manager?" are developed. This course walks management through all the elements of food allergens in a food operation, allowing management to decide what will and will not be done. Throughout the course, the user is offered a series of questions and options for how much accommodation the operation will give to the issue of food allergen safety. Even those operations not able to achieve a high level of accommodations will have made the decision with a full awareness of what is not being provided. Operations that decide to offer a high level of food allergen accommodations will end the course with the foundation of their Allergen Plan. This plan will be saved and used to develop the details of the operation's food allergen safety process.